Teaching Your Child to Conquer Their Fears: 5 Tips Every Parent Should Know

If your child has a specific fear, you may be wondering just what you can do to help. The good news is that there are five tips every parent should know about teaching a child to conquer his fears. Spiders, Bugs, and Other Insects If your child is afraid of spiders or other insects, you […]

Using the Tooth Fairy To You Advantage: 5 Lessons to Teach Your Child

Losing that first baby tooth can be a quick and easy surprise or weeks of anxiety as it wiggles a little at a time. Sharing the legend of the tooth fairy is a fun way to bring a little magic home and it also provides a teachable moment to have with your snaggle tooth kiddo. […]

First Time Leaving The Kids With A Babysitter? 5 Comforting Tips

As a new parent, you might feel that you will never be able to get out of the house again. However, you can leave your child with a babysitter if you want to enjoy a meal with your significant other or if you just need some time to yourself. Before leaving your child with a […]

Teaching Your Child How to Manage Money: 5 Tips For Budget Wielding Kids

Learning how to manage money effectively is not an innate skill, but one that takes time to learn at an early age to ensure that healthy financial habits are established. By teaching children how to manage money, it will equip them to have a better chance at success. 1. Show Children How to Save One […]

Parenting tips: Why you Shouldn’t Bargain With Your Child

(Editor’s note: please welcome Davian with an important article for parents of strong-willed children. Thanks, Davian!) Dealing with strong-willed children can sometimes be difficult. A defiant child has ideas of its own and hardly ever yields in to authority. Rebellion, stubbornness and the desire to step over authority will interfere with the child’s upbringing. The […]