Vocabulary is Important in Parenting

I’ve long been fond of the Love and Logic approach to parenting, mainly because of its focus on putting responsibility on children instead of the parents. By that I mean that children get to learn naturally from their mistakes at a young age. One of the keys to success in this approach is for the […]

Drawing Lines in the Sand

So. We’re deep into the month of August and I say something innocent to the older boys like, “you need to practice the piano today.” They do not take this well, and frowns and foot-stomping abound. Every now and then in the parenting journey you come to an important battle point. In my mind, this […]

Third Week of School Pt. 2

Okay, when last I wrote I mentioned that I’d gotten locked into a power struggle with The Manager on Thursday morning. Basically what happened was I started the day explaining to the younger boys that we were going to do our lessons in two blocks. Immediately after breakfast, we’d do the first half of math, […]

Third Week of School, pt.1

Tomorrow is the last day of the third week of school. Last year at this time, I posted about some battles that I was having with the boys. Some time later, a group of women who disagree with me on some basic parenting philosophies found the post and spent a few days ripping me up […]

Controlling My Control Freak

Well, it looks like the boys survived me today. I wasn’t in a bad mood, but man! The control freak in me was very….controlling. Captain Earthquake lost his very first tooth (at 5! Is that too young? And it looks like there’s still something there where is tooth was. Possibly the root? Should I be […]

When You Get Stuck in a Power Struggle

Sigh. Captain Earthquake didn’t have a very pleasant evening on Monday. When we got up that morning it was cold and raining. Unfortunately, it was the first day of soccer practice and the first thing the older boys had to say was how awful it would be to have to play in this weather. Thanksalot […]