Parenting Link Roundup December, 2012

Okay, so technically we’re in January of 2013. But this was supposed to go live last week, so I’m titling it accordingly and will be more on time for the truly January post later this month. 🙂 Because late is better than never, right? Welcome to the December 28, 2012 edition of parenting link roundup. […]

Online Printable Interactive Learning Resources for Children

(Editor’s note: ever spent an hour or more looking for decent printables online, only to get overwhelmed and quit? Rest easy, heroes! James has a handy list of resources for us in his guest post today. Thanks, James!) If you are looking for printable learning resources for your children online, you have come to the […]

Attend a Parenting Summit From Home

How would you like to get parenting help? How about for free? Have you ever attended a conference from home? Parenting Summit is taking place March 1 through March 8, 2011. This is a free online event in which several leading parenting experts will be sharing parenting tips and advice via video. There are several […]

FFYF: Back Online Edition

Good Friday, friends! I’m happy to report that the computer which crashed so spectacularly is behaving now. Do I have any idea what went wrong? Nope. But 3 virus scanners assure me that nothing is wrong and all is currently going smoothly. So, I’ll smile about that. And with some more smiles, here is the […]

Thrive, a Children’s Hospital Blog

Editor’s note: Please welcome our latest author, Kristin Cantu. Kristin is here today to tell us about Thrive, a blog written by the fine folks over at Children’s Hospital in Boston. I knew you’d appreciate knowing about another fine resource online. Thrive: flu updates, child health, and the latest research on issues that affect your […]