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Good Friday, friends! I’m happy to report that the computer which crashed so spectacularly is behaving now. Do I have any idea what went wrong? Nope. But 3 virus scanners assure me that nothing is wrong and all is currently going smoothly. So, I’ll smile about that.

And with some more smiles, here is the weekly Fun For Your Friday blog carnival! Yay!! Welcome to the August 6, 2010 edition of fun for your friday.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Dotty Men posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

Susan Howe presents 12 Unintentionally Hilarious and Ironic Deaths posted at The Budget Life Blog, saying, “Interesting and bizarre deaths that you can never imagine.”

Usman presents Top Twenty Odd Moments in Sports posted at Top Twenty Lists.

Sheryl Owen presents 20 Signs Your House Has Gone to the Dogs posted at Change of Address.

Mohit Salgaonkar presents Dentally Unstable posted at Still Waiting to Wake, saying, “Read this hilarious account of a guy’s first-time dental session. What’s more, the dentist was a gorgeous female!”

MummyT presents Orangutans and Betel Juice posted at Travels with a Nine Year Old, saying, “In which a family trip to a museum does little for the attendants’ peace and calm.”

Aviva Jorstad presents 3 Weird Sports (that Maybe Arenโ€™t Sports) posted at DISH Network News.

Stephen presents How to Become a Supermarket Bouncer (or not…) posted at Post-80’s vs The World.

Aviva Jorstad presents Video: Hilarious First Dance posted at The Larson Jewelers .

Mike Fitterer presents Brain Games: Give Your Mind a Workout! posted at Calendars by Orange Circle Studio.

Wendy Piersall presents Printable Mad Libs posted at Classroom Jr., saying, “Hi Amy!! ๐Ÿ™‚ My mad libs for kids are massively popular and a great way to sneak in skills review while the kids just think they are having fun.”

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