How to Explain a Divorce to Your Teenage Children

Teenage years for many children feel like a mid-life crisis without any major event happening to reiterate this type of feeling. A divorce, for many teenage children, will feel like the world is completely crashing down around them. Although talking to your teen about divorce will never be easy, there are a few tips to […]

Why Won’t My Baby Sleep? Cry From An Exhausted Mother

Your idyllic visions of motherhood bliss may come crashing down around you when you bring home a baby who is beset with congestion, colic or chronic crying. While every baby has “witching hours” and periods of fussiness or crying, nothing can compare to the parental distress that comes when colicky babies cannot be soothed and […]

5 Things Today’s Teens Face That You May Not Have

Today’s teens face a lot of tough situations on a daily basis that you probably didn’t even think about as a teenager. Today’s world is full of danger at every turn, and it is up to your teen to make the right choices to avoid those dangers. This can be a scary time for parents. […]

How to Keep Your Family Functioning During a Divorce

Divorce is like an unexpected flood that flows through a house and leaves destruction in its wake. While divorce divides a family, it’s up to parents to keep their family functioning in the midst of the upheaval. Because parents are dealing with their own emotional issues during a divorce, they might not realize the impact […]

6 Simple Tricks to Boost Your Immune System

Cold and flu season is approaching, so it’s time to start taking extra care of your immune system. Your immune system is your body’s line of defense against foreign bodies and germs, and if it’s not in good shape it can quickly ruin your holiday season. Follow these six simple tricks to help boost your […]

Black Friday Numbers and Facts for You

It would seem that the world can be split roughly in half with regard to Black Friday. There are those who love the day, and those that hate it. In which camp are you? I personally love it. Understand, though, that I love it with some caveats. You have to approach it as a game, […]