How to be a Great Parent for Your Child

No doubt that the feeling of becoming a parent is one of a kind. It is a sweet sensation that can not merely be described in words. Before the arrival of children in your life it is all about you; there are your ambitions, your dreams, your desires, your likes and your dislikes. But when […]

Parents Should Avoid These 8 Mistakes

As parents, you probably already know that you’re not perfect. While you can do everything that you can to make your child happy, you have to realize that mistakes do happen. Instead of avoiding these mistakes and keep on doing them throughout life, it’s important to know the impact that some of these mistakes may […]

10 Tips to Create Good Habits in Your Family

(Editor’s note: please welcome Ellen with some solid suggestions we can all follow to create better habits in our families. Thanks, Ellen!) For parents with young children, one of the most challenging tasks is to inculcate good habits in them. By nature, children are quick learners, but given their adventurousness and impetuosity, creating and nurturing […]

Steps Toward Success in Homeschooling: The Schedule

Sooooo. To continue with improvements we’re trying to make around here let’s talk about item number two: the schedule. Up until 2 weeks ago the general plan was to wake up when we wake up in the morning, then roll with school after breakfast. The burden was on me to get the boys to get […]

Your Complaints Do Not Move Me, Young Grasshopper

Still working on the school frustration thing. I talked with Hubby about it and he mentioned that the fact that the older boys don’t have desks to work at bugs him a little. They love to lay on the floor to do their work. I do too, so it’s hard for me to insist on […]