Infographic Helps You Get Children to Help With Chores

Heroes, if you’ve ever tried to get children to help with chores and were met with resistance, you have felt the frustration shared by many parents. Not to worry, some of the most tried-and-true methods of getting children participate are shown in the infographic below. How to Get Children to Help With the Chores by […]

The Myth of Multi-Tasking

We’ll call her Ashley, but she could be almost any high school student in America. She works on her homework at the kitchen table with a television playing loudly in the background, her phone alerting her to check a barrage of incoming text messages, and a computer screen that displays an ongoing Skype session with […]

Get the Kids Involved With Redecorating

While you may be confident that now is the time to do some redecorating, your kids may not be so keen on the idea. Your kids probably won’t appreciate character-building experiences until they’re older. For now, make renovating a fun activity for everyone involved. Choosing A Project One of the most popular home renovating projects […]