FFYF: Tough Guy Edition

The following conversation took place between Hubby, The Mercenary, and me recently: Hubby walks up behind the boy and grabs his hand. Being that everyone in this house has to be a tough guy, he squeezes. The Mercenary: squeals like a little girl Ow, ow, ow, that hurts! Hubby and I: look at boy Me: […]

Quote of the Day

Conversation with Captain Earthquake this morning: CE: I love you Mom. Me: I love you too sweetie….even if you do drive me CRAZY!! CE: We don’t always drive you crazy. Me: [laughing] Yes you do, all the time. CE: Not on holidays we don’t. Earnest Parenting: help for parents who have adorable children.

2 Ways to Tease Your Children

One of the benefits of having kids is being able to tease them. Come on…you know you love it too! An old standby for Hubby and I is the “What’s for Dinner” conversation. It goes something like: child: What’s for dinner? parent: Food. child: What kind of food? parent: The kind you eat. child: (sighs) […]