Transform a Kid’s Bedroom into a Teens in 6 Easy Steps

Only last week did it feel like you were shopping for a nursery crib and now your teenager is pleading with you to buy a double bed. For young kids the bedroom holds a lot of memories, it’s where they played a princess, a video game or Star Wars character and had dolls or toy […]

Have You Peaked?

A co-worker of mine was voted “Class Clown” by her high school peers many years ago. One of my good friends scored the “Best Hair” award, and a caller to our radio show told us that she was selected “Most Likely to Run Over a Pedestrian.” (For the record, she claims that in almost twenty […]

Parenting Teens Can Cause Gray Hair(s)

There are many times in the parent blogging experience when you have to decide how much of a story to share; protecting privacy is important so please understand that I’m walking on fine lines here. I’m going to write the real story down and share it someday. Right now I can only offer generalities. I […]

Does Your Teen Want a Motorcycle?

(Editor’s note: please welcome Brady with some very sound advice on teens and motorcycles. Thanks, Brady!) Most parents dread having the “I want a motorcycle!” conversation with their teenage boy. Who can blame them? Teenage boys are enticed by the cool image of motorcycles. They’re excited about the quick acceleration and maneuverability. For parents, speeding […]