Parenting Tips for Transitioning Teens into Adulthood

Parents of Teens Need to Simultaneously Hold On and Let Go There are many reasons why the teenage years are so difficult for both kids and parents. Raging hormones encourage teens to do things that often don’t make sense or seem to go against their character. Developed (but not completely developed!) minds mean that teens […]

How to Get a Toddler to Sleep in Their own Bed

A toddler learning to sleep in their own bed should be an exciting time for the child and the parents. It can also be challenging and frustrating. There are many things that parents can do to make the experience easier: Prepare ahead of time for the big event: Set a date in the future for […]

How To Make Your Children Feel More at Ease in Your New Home

A new house is always something to cherish. It brings in a sense of achievement for the owner, and is a mark of his or her pride. Everyone desires to own a house and it is the biggest investment that one makes in life. Each human being is an emotional creature. He or she can […]

It’s Not Goodbye, It’s See You Later: He’s College Bound

There comes a time (*tears*) that your little one (who isn’t so little anymore) will flee the coop (*sniff*) to create a life for himself. All that parenting you’ve done will finally be tested in the real world. His college adventure will have its road blocks and hurdles, but you can do your part in […]

Outgrown the Crib? 5 Essentials to Transition Your Toddler’s Bedroom

When it is time to ditch the crib and go from baby to big-boy or big-girl status, there are some essentials your toddler’s room will need. While it may be tempting to strip the room clean and start from scratch, these useful ideas will keep your budget low and you and your little one happy. […]

Win 2 Storybooks About Twins!

Eleven year old Paris Morris is already an accomplished author. I’m Having Twins is about getting ready for her new twin sisters, and My Twins are Coming Home relates the story of how she met the babies and what it was like to have them come home. If you have young children and are expecting […]