5 Tips for Keeping Your Children Protected While You are at Work

Security is a main issue for parents when they leave their children to work or have some alone time. When the child is not old enough to be left home alone, parents worry about their babysitters being the right fit. When the child can be left home alone, they worry about their safety. It’s a […]

4 Habits to Help Children Become Independent

To help your child succeed in life it is important to look at the big picture. It might be easier to remove everyday obstacles to make them happier in the moment, but learning habits that will benefit them into adulthood are more beneficial in the long run. Here are four ways to encourage your child […]

Raising Teens: Turning Worries into Trust

(Editor’s note: please welcome Amanda with 7 ways to improve your relationship with your teenager. Thanks Amanda!) As adults, the most cherished memories we have is of our teenage days. But many adults also nurture horrifying memories of their teenage. Teenage is the most difficult phase and complicated too. It is the stage where we […]

Trusting Teens Can Be Hard

There are different kinds of trust that we offer our children over time. For example, there’s the trust that a child will do her chores responsibly, and trust that he won’t play with matches and set the house on fire. Now that the boys are older, we’re dealing with having to trust them to make […]

Do You Keep Your Promises to Your Kids?

I was randomly watching a morning news program several months ago and saw an interview with Stephen Covey that fascinated me. He was talking about building relationships with children, and the specific point he made was to never break a promise. “No sweat,” I thought to myself. I don’t have a problem in this area. […]

What’s Your Control Freak Factor?

I had an interesting conversation with a father the other day. His boys are ages 3 and 5, and the dad was telling me how much his sons love to help set the table at mealtime. Both boys are pretty passionate about it, to the point that if an adult carries a plate or cup […]