How to Train Your Kids in Safety

Children need to learn good safety practices as they grow up. It is important to remember that kids learn in a different way than adults. Most need some tactile or visual experience to make concepts like an escape plan real. Parents can use several techniques to start teaching children about safety. Create Rhymes and Songs […]

Keep Kids Safe In the Dark With Safees

As parents, one of our most important jobs is to keep kids safe. Granted, there’s no way to cover every possibility, but there is a new way to keep them safe if they’re outdoors at night. It doesn’t matter how skilled a driver may be; when it’s dark out it’s harder to see pedestrians. Almost […]

How to Turn Your Stroller Walk into a Fitness Program

Have you ever thought you could turn your daily walk with baby into a fitness habit? Well consider this. It’s happening all over the country. Yes, moms with strollers are gathering in groups to make your outing with baby into a fitness craze. “The idea is to use the stroller as a piece of fitness equipment and […]