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Some of us have been there before. You just got a major promotion or lucrative new job. You need to be near family or are moving to be close to family and friends you previously left behind. Your current neighborhood is unsafe or otherwise unsuitable, so you’re taking advantage of the opportunity to move to a better location.

Moves can be exciting and positive, but they can also be stressful and scary, especially for young children. When the move is cross-country, it can be downright traumatic for kids. These tips can help get everyone, from the oldest to the youngest, through the relocation smoothly.

Use a Reputable Moving Company

If you don’t know one, ask around. Once you make contact, ask the movers basic questions. For example, if you need to ship any items, how long will it take for them to arrive? Does the company charge extra for any items, and if yes, which ones? Look for companies like Quality Moving Service, Inc. that can offer you a free quote ahead of time.

Make Sure Each Child Has a Personal Bag

Have each child pack a bag of favorite toys, books, or whatever else is special to them. Your kids will feel more secure if their treasures are always nearby.

Plan for Pets

Children may worry about how their pets will make the journey. Talk to your vet and make sure you have a comfortable carrier, special toys, or anything else your pet may need. If your pet cannot accompany you, place the pet with trusted new owners who agree to keep the kids updated through email and social media.

Make the Trip Terrific

If you’re driving, make sure you have plenty of car games, music, and DVDs. Pack healthy snacks, but don’t be afraid to include a treat or two. If you’re flying, call ahead to the airline to ask about kid-friendly services. Warn flight staff if anyone is skittish about the plane ride. They’ve seen it before and will likely be gracious.

Get to Know the New Digs

Well before the move, learn all you can about your new home. For example, if your kids like sports, ask about the school teams or local leagues. If you’ve got a bookworm, check out the nearest stores or library. If you have a scientist, go on an outing to a museum or aquarium.

Anxiety about a move, especially a big one, is natural. However, tips like these can help your kids feel more at ease. Once they feel at home, you will, too.

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