The Gift Of Parenting: Five Major Benefits of Adopting Children

When a couple first learns that they cannot have children of their own, the news can be emotionally devastating. However, there is a future beyond infertility. Adoption is not only a way to make couples’ dreams of having a family come true but also a choice that has long-lasting benefits for everyone involved. Adoption is […]

Four Suggestions For Step-Parents Looking To Adopt Step-Children

There are many instances where a step-parent will wish to legally adopt their step-child because they already have a relationship with that child’s parent and are already fulfilling the responsibilities commonly associated with parenthood. The good news is that step-child adoptions tend to be much easier than other adoptions, but there are still legal issues […]

Rachel Crow Talks About National Adoption Day

Heroes, did you know that today is National Adoption Day? Yup, it is. Led by a coalition of national partners including the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, November 23rd is National Adoption Day. In honor of the day, I was privileged to interview The X Factor standout, Nickelodeon star and Columbia Records recording artist, Rachel […]

Simple Ideas to Welcome and Celebrate Life with Your Adopted Child

After the long and tedious but successful adoption process, you are now very excited and ready to embrace and experience what it is like to become parents and face the many challenges of parenthood. Having a child, whether it is through normal birth or adoption, is a special event that requires grand and memorable celebration. […]

If You Get a Family Dog, Don’t Get a Pet Store Puppy

One month ago, we adopted our second puppy. Well. She’s actually an adult, but both dogs are pretty small, so I call them my puppies. Anyways. We got Keely as a puppy from a breeder because we hadn’t had a dog before, and I was nervous about handling a dog with a difficult past when […]

Celebrating Father’s Day

I ran across a couple of Father’s Day events that you may like. First, if you purchase a frosty from Wendy’s anytime over Father’s Day weekend (June 20-21) they will donate 50 cents from each sale to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. The money goes to a program called Wendy’s Wonderful Kids, which funds […]