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One month ago, we adopted our second puppy. Well. She’s actually an adult, but both dogs are pretty small, so I call them my puppies.

Anyways. We got Keely as a puppy from a breeder because we hadn’t had a dog before, and I was nervous about handling a dog with a difficult past when we weren’t really doggie experienced. Now that we’ve had almost 3 years of canine practice, getting a rescue dog was an easy choice. Granted, we’ve had some adjustment issues. It’ll be a while yet before the dogs are truly friends. But she’s settling in well overall.

So this is Marlee! My sweet baby girl. I adore her. And? She’s almost Keely’s twin. How could anyone in my position resist?

In honor of our adoption, I’m pleased to announce that the ASPCA is letting me give away a gift pack!

The ASPCA’s No Pet Store Puppies campaign is dedicated to stopping the inhumane practice of puppy mills. Were you aware that most puppies for sale in pet stores come from puppy mills? It’s true. Puppy mills are unsanitary, overcrowded, and inhumane. Dog lovers are asked to take a stand. Pledge not to buy anything from pet stores that sell puppies. In our area, no pet stores even sell dogs anymore because it’s such a problem. Instead, they stick to pet supplies and host adoption days so that rescue dogs can find new homes. I think that’s really neat.

To win the gift pack, enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Winner will be chosen on or after June 20, 2012.

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