If You Get a Family Dog, Don’t Get a Pet Store Puppy

One month ago, we adopted our second puppy. Well. She’s actually an adult, but both dogs are pretty small, so I call them my puppies.

Anyways. We got Keely as a puppy from a breeder because we hadn’t had a dog before, and I was nervous about handling a dog with a difficult past when we weren’t really doggie experienced. Now that we’ve had almost 3 years of canine practice, getting a rescue dog was an easy choice. Granted, we’ve had some adjustment issues. It’ll be a while yet before the dogs are truly friends. But she’s settling in well overall.

So this is Marlee! My sweet baby girl. I adore her. And? She’s almost Keely’s twin. How could anyone in my position resist?

In honor of our adoption, I’m pleased to announce that the ASPCA is letting me give away a gift pack!

The ASPCA’s No Pet Store Puppies campaign is dedicated to stopping the inhumane practice of puppy mills. Were you aware that most puppies for sale in pet stores come from puppy mills? It’s true. Puppy mills are unsanitary, overcrowded, and inhumane. Dog lovers are asked to take a stand. Pledge not to buy anything from pet stores that sell puppies. In our area, no pet stores even sell dogs anymore because it’s such a problem. Instead, they stick to pet supplies and host adoption days so that rescue dogs can find new homes. I think that’s really neat.

To win the gift pack, enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Winner will be chosen on or after June 20, 2012.

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2 Responses to “If You Get a Family Dog, Don’t Get a Pet Store Puppy”

  1. Vic White says:

    How wonderful you are to adopted two puppymills dogs. We have two puppymill dogs, too. Sohpie is now 14 years old she was 3 years old when we adopted her and Bailey is 11 years old we adopted her when she was 1 year old. Sohpie has some issues from being in the puppymill so long as time went on most of them got better. She a tuff old girl has a liver diease, seizers, eye sight going, and few weeks ago hurt her back. Everytime I take her to the vet I hold my breathe but so far the vet says she doing good. Bailey had trouble being potty trained so they the recuse group that had her put diaper on her so when I took her to the vet the infections had scraced her lbadder. The vet gave her meds that help and she was recuse so early in life she has no issue with things. Then we lost my son dog when he was 9 years old and he was so upset three weeks later my friends mom broke over a 4 month old puppy these poeple need to get rid of it was the best thing for him so in away we recuse her, too. I have three sweet furry babies with different personality. Thanks for giving a puppymill dog a second chance their so worth it.

    • Amy LeForge says:

      Vic, our first dog we got from a breeder because we’d never had a dog before and weren’t prepared to manage any potential problems with 4 young boys. Marlee is a rescue, but I have no idea if she was in a puppy mill or not. She has already had at least one litter, we can tell that from looking at her. The vet says she’s 2, which seems pretty young to me.

      I don’t want to give a wrong impression. We did adopt Mar Mar, and she is a rescue. But I’m not so sure about the mill part.

      I’m glad you have been able to give your three such a wonderful life.

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