Growing Like Weeds: Five Timeless Pieces of Advice for Your Young Boys

If you’ve been blessed with sons, you know that they grow like weeds. In a blink, they’ll sprout up, their voices change, and they’ll be on the brink of manhood. As you think back to your wonder years, you’re sure to have plenty of suggestions to help your boys as they navigate the storms of […]

Boys and Books: We Need to Reconnect Them

Over the past decade there’s been a growing number of people who have pointed out the disparity between girls and boys when it comes to reading. Why aren’t more boys picking up books? Based on observation alone, I’m confident that one of the culprits has to do with image. Let me give you a few […]

No One Told Me Children Were Born Individuals

I guess I was just ignorant or maybe just naïve when I became a parent, no one told me that my children could come out total opposites. There were no set rules, no one thing worked for both children. This was diabolical! The only thing I picked up from Mom was that all children were […]

FFYF: Pathetic Threat Edition

Welcome again to Friday, Internets!  If you’re new here and visiting from Ultimate Blog Party 2010, this is my weekly blog carnival Fun For Your Friday.  Feel free to join in soon!  FFYF is all about sharing a smile to make the last day of the work week go a little faster (and perhaps keep […]

Fun For Your Friday

Hullloooooo Internets! Have you missed me? Wait. Don’t answer that. I’ve been having a sick week, hence the big silence here. However! Things are improving! I only coughed out half a lung today, which convinces me that I’ll be completely better ummmmmm….soon. I hope. In the meantime, nothing’s better than a little humor and I […]

Life is Better When the RIGHT People are Angry

I don’t remember if I have told you lately about my frustration levels. They’ve been rather high. We started school almost 4 weeks ago, and it took me all of 2 days to announce that this is the last year I’m planning to keep the older boys at home. On top of that, I gave […]