Are We There Yet? Top 5 Child-Friendly Features in Your SUV

Making sure you get a vehicle that has everything you need is easy. Getting a vehicle with everything you want can be a little more difficult. When you have kids, some of the wants start moving toward needs, however, simply to ensure that the kids are entertained and having a good time during your daily […]

Escape With a Little Humor

I don’t usually associate car companies with humor. Just sayin’. That didn’t stop the good people at Ford from making a new video series though. That’s a good thing, because the two I’ve seen cracked me up! One also got 2 thumbs up from the younger boys (the older ones weren’t here to vote, so […]

Keep Valuables Safely Locked Up in Your Car with SentrySafe

I’ve shared my fondness for Sentry’s safes here before. And I did mention this one last month, but couldn’t resist telling you about it again now that I’ve had time to play with it. It’s the Compact Safe P008E, if you want the official name. This little safe is SO handy! The Manager and Captain […]