Thoughts on the Whole Homeschool vs Public School Debate

Longtime readers are certainly aware that I spent many years homeschooling all 4 boys, and then about 4 years ago the older ones began attending public school. To be precise, TechnoBoy went to 8th grade and then The Mercenary joined public school the following year. They’re both in 11th grade now and we agree that […]

4 Tricks to Get Your Kids to Help Around the House

Nobody likes chores and everyone has that one chore they refuse to do. Whether it’s cleaning the bathroom toilets or folding laundry, somebody has to do it. Even as adults we struggle to get them done, so that’s why it’s so important to start your children early by giving them tasks to help out. Here […]

Parenting Help: Evaluate Your Anger

We’ve had rather an interesting conversation in the comments of my most recent post on parental anger. If you haven’t been following it, do pop over and take a read. Essentially, I wrote that I was angry with the boys. Beat said that he almost never gets angry with kids and doesn’t understand it in […]

Dare I Accuse Him of Maturing?

Now that TechnoBoy and The Mercenary are nearly teens, they’ve been working hard to perfect some of the more famous adolescent behaviors. Grunts, mood swings, sleeping late, eating at odd hours, and ohhhhh, the angry glares are all part of the repertoire. It started last spring, but really got full-blown over the summer. Once school […]

Comment Policy

I don’t have an official comment policy or terms of service for this site. It’s something I’ve thought about many times, but haven’t quite decided exactly how to word things. This is now higher on my priority list, based on some of the things people have had to say in the past few days. I […]