How do You Teach Kids to be Deliberate?

Sooooo, I got up early this morning, as is my practice these days.  (I have to tutor kids earrrrrrrly every morning).  And as usual, the light above the stove was on. Again. I have TOLD the boys over and over and OVER that I want all lights turned off every night.  I don’t see the […]

Watch Out for That Falling TV: Safe Placement Tips to Protect Kids

Gather any group of parents for a playgroup or a cup of coffee, and the conversation will inevitably turn to screen time: what the risks are, at what age it’s OK, how much is too much, how screen time should be spent, etc. But many parents don’t realize there is a physical danger that’s even […]

How Safe Is Your Child at Home?

The great philosopher Eeyore sagely said of accidents, “You’re never having them until you’re having them,” and Eeyore’s friend Tigger was colored day-glow orange as a safety precaution. Protect both your little and your big kids by routinely patrolling your happy home with an eye for hazards of all kinds. When you patrol, look and […]

Tuesday News Roundup

Have your kids asked a lot of questions about the devastation in Haiti? Kristin over at Thrive blog has an article with age-appropriate suggestions for conversations about the tragedy. Anna Miller from Online let me know about her post, 10 Great Articles to Teach Your Kids About Strangers. There are a lot of valuable […]

Reason #482 Why Defensive Thinking is Critical to Parenting

With the onset of warm weather, the boys are anxiously awaiting the day when the pool is set up and ready to use. Hubby and I have made an effort to make the back yard a fun place to be, with swings and a sandbox, the pool, and this year we added a new feature: […]