Five Sneaky Tricks to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

If your kids are like most children their age, they probably don’t really care for brushing their teeth. In fact, they might downright refuse to pick up their toothbrushes. Reminding doesn’t work, and nagging doesn’t work, so you’ll have to get creative. If you’re at your wit’s end, try these five sneaky tricks to get […]

How To Make Brushing Teeth More Fun for Kids

When you think of fun times with your children, playing catch or reading books might spring to mind. You probably don’t think of brushing teeth. But if you can make this essential hygienic practice pleasurable, it will become easier for your little ones to keep up their brushing for two straight minutes. Two minutes is […]

The Beam Toothbrush Helps Parents Monitor, Reward Toothbrushing

It was bound to happen sooner or later, Heroes. There is now such a thing as an app-connected toothbrush to help you get your kids to have better dental hygiene. Amazing, really. When you buy the Beam Toothbrush, you also download and install the free app to your phone or handheld device. The app is […]

Protect Your Child’s Health: Take Them to the Dentist

The good folks at MetLife released a study earlier this month showing that up to a quarter of children ages five and under are at risk for tooth decay. Many parents believe that because baby teeth are temporary, there’s no need to worry much about dental health. Unfortunately, that’s not the best. According to the […]

Win a Crayola Light Up Toothbrush!

I was very surprised and impressed when this toothbrush and pack of children’s flossers arrived in the mail recently. We’ve been asked to try them out and review them for you. I couldn’t do that immediately because the toothbrush was so compelling that I had to go out and buy another one so I wasn’t […]