Living Off the Grid: 4 Things You Can Do to Help Your Family Sustain Themselves After a Disaster

Disaster can strike suddenly and without prior warning. Because of this it is important to plan ahead. Think of a scenario where basic services such as water, gas, phone lines and electricity were cut off. Do you know what you would do? There are four basic steps to preparing a disaster plan in case your […]

5 Ideas to Help Teach Kids Basic First Aid

Children should learn about first aid so they can be prepared to take action in an emergency situation. However, keeping a child’s attention while teaching them first aid techniques can be challenging. These ideas can help make learning more fun and effective. Use Illustrations Children have a difficult time learning without images to guide them. […]

5 Ways You Can Prepare Your Family for the Next Big Disaster

A disaster can strike at any time. Families need to prepare for these disasters far in advance. This means planning, buying supplies and preparing the house and car. Not everyone knows what to do to get ready. There are five ways to prepare a family for the next big disaster. Create an Emergency Pack An […]

EmergencyLink Announces New Facebook App, Give Away

I told you about EmergencyLink in a post last year, and I learned from them a couple of weeks ago that they have added a new Facebook app. It’s even easier than ever to manage medical details in an emergency! To recap, EmergencyLink is a service that will call emergency contacts and relay critical medical […]

Jitterbug Cell Phone Complements the Great Call System

I wrote a while back about the Great Call 5Star Urgent Response system. With this program, you can get help at the touch of a button. As our parents grow more frail, it’s certainly something we’re talking about for them. And if I had a situation where the boys were away from us on a […]

I’m Going to Try Some eFoods!

Have you ever thought about what you’d do in a crisis? Since the boys are all in Scouts, being prepared is rather a big deal around here. I try to keep up with the groceries and make sure we’re well supplied, but with 4 hungry boys that’s not always easy. They eat everything! There are […]