How to Instill Confidence in Your Child

All children face some hardships while trying to become confident. It is an important responsibility of the parents to equip the children with enough confidence. With confidence they will not only survive, but thrive in life. Self confidence and competence supplement each other. A confident child will have a positive and realistic perception of his […]

An Accident Waiting to Happen: 5 Potty Training Tips for You

When you have the feeling your baby is growing up, you can see the signs. Bigger clothes, shoes, new interests and of course getting ready to take off their own diapers. Potty training is part of growing up, and parents should be prepared for the ups and downs of potty training their children. Below are […]

Children of America Campaign: Be the Best You Can Be

Howdy, heroes! Childcare organization Children of America is seeking your inspirational tips and advice on how to be the best you can be via an interactive social media campaign. The campaign was launched nationally last month with the release of an inspirational YouTube video, filmed at Children of America’s branch in Charlotte, North Carolina. Over […]

Building a Better Student: The Shy Artist

One of the most frequently asked questions of an author during school assemblies is “When did you start writing?” Many times the question is rooted in self-doubt; essentially the student is asking, “At what age will I be good enough to try this?” I get it. I was a shy artist, too. That’s why I […]

Growing Numb

On August 6th, a robotic contraption – about the size of a Mini Cooper – landed on the surface of another world after an eight month trip and a mind-blowing maneuver that brought it gently to the dusty ground. That same day, headlines on our own world were filled with the story of a Hollywood […]

PE Beyond the Bell

(Editor’s note: Today’s guest post is from Erick D. Smith, who is sharing his wisdom about after-school programs that are encouraging children to get more active and fit. Thanks Erick!) It shouldn’t be real news to anyone that the United States has a horrible problem with childhood obesity. Everyone has heard the statistics and knows […]