Are We There Yet? Top 5 Child-Friendly Features in Your SUV

Making sure you get a vehicle that has everything you need is easy. Getting a vehicle with everything you want can be a little more difficult. When you have kids, some of the wants start moving toward needs, however, simply to ensure that the kids are entertained and having a good time during your daily […]

Best Activities to Keep your Kids Busy when they are Out of School

While parents can experience numerous challenges when attempting to raise healthy, happy children, ensuring that they stay actively involved in wholesome activities during the summer can be particularly challenging. Despite the fact that getting your kids involved in interesting and/or educational activities during the summer can be difficult, it can be done. Below you’ll find […]

Fun Activities This Summer That Also Educate Your Children

While it may seem like winter will never end, summer is just around the corner. That means a long stretch when your children will be at home. As you plan ahead for those warm, sunny days, think about activities that will be a blast and teach them something along the way. Go on a Scavenger […]

Six Tips That Will Keep You Sane While Planning a Child’s Party

Kid’s parties are notoriously daunting. Entertaining a rowdy group of children for a long period of time is no easy project. From planning activities that all the children will enjoy, to clean up duty, there is much work to be done. When preparing a party, there are things you can plan for that will make […]

5 Great Tips to Make Sure Your Daughter Has A Memorable Prom

If you have a teenage daughter, you know that the adolescent years can be fun and stressful at the same time. One of the biggest events in a teenage girl’s life is prom. If your daughter is planning on going to prom, check out these five tips to help make it a memorable and fun […]

Lazy Weekend? Fun Activities to do With the Kids

Do you have a lazy weekend with the kids planned? With summer fast approaching there will be plenty of days of the kids complaining, “Mom, I’m bored!” and “There’s nothing to do!” With ample time on their hands, children often run the household, whether parents want to believe it or not. Ed Young should know, […]