Escape With a Little Humor

I don’t usually associate car companies with humor. Just sayin’. That didn’t stop the good people at Ford from making a new video series though. That’s a good thing, because the two I’ve seen cracked me up! One also got 2 thumbs up from the younger boys (the older ones weren’t here to vote, so […]

FFYF: “Late Edition” Edition

Hey, Internets! There are about 13 minutes left in this Friday here in my time zone. Today was a big “todo” day, but unfortunately that didn’t include timely posting. I’ll do better in the future. In the meantime, it’s still a great opportunity to smile. Let’s enjoy this week’s submissions! MummyT presents Madam, Your Husband? […]

FFYF: Upside Down Homeschool Edition

Welcome again to Friday, Internets! I’m still here, plugging along after 3 straight days of physical therapy. And may I say…ouch? As well as….this isn’t really fun? One of my assignments is to try and bend the Knee That Will Not Bend by strapping on an ankle weight and letting gravity help me along. I […]

Blog Business 2-25-08…And A Funny Story

Hulloooo Internets! Have you been wondering where I was? Not to worry, I’m here working hard behind the scenes. Want to know a secret? There are some exciting things on the horizon for Earnest Parenting. I’m working on a new blog design! It’ll be a good 4 weeks before things are finalized, but I can […]