Trusting Teens Can Be Hard

There are different kinds of trust that we offer our children over time. For example, there’s the trust that a child will do her chores responsibly, and trust that he won’t play with matches and set the house on fire. Now that the boys are older, we’re dealing with having to trust them to make […]

Parenting Practical Kids: How and Why to Raise Kids to Thrive Without Technology

(Editor’s note: Today’s post comes from Maxine who has a great challenge for all parents. Thanks, Maxine!) With the convenience that technology gives us, we are almost always tempted to rely on gadgets for everything we do. But while technological innovations have helped humankind to improve their standards of living, a number of these gadgets […]

Time to Stop Complaining

I noticed a problem recently: there is a lot of complaining going on here at Earnest Parenting. Chief complainer: Me. The rest of the family isn’t far behind me. We all seem to have gotten sucked into a pattern of blaming others for situations and complaining (vociferously) if anything goes wrong. For example, the Captain […]

Pain Management

I have been functioning lately with some muscles in my neck and shoulders that are pretty knotted. It got to the point where I was taking stuff for the pain daily, sometimes more. Which is not good. While the boys were gone a few weeks ago I took advantage of the opportunity to get a […]