FFYF: Fartsicle Edition

Happy Friday, Internets! Tonight Hubby was giving the boys a snack before bed when the dog came into the kitchen and looked cute. Naturally we decided that she should have a treat as well. After a moment of consultation, we decided to dig into a bag of treats that I had in the cupboard. The […]

FFYF: 12th Birthday Edition

Happy day, Internets!  This Friday we’re celebrating the 12th (eek!!) birthday of my older boys.  Hard to believe that they’re only a year away from beeing teenagers. As much as they drive me crazy, it’s still going too fast. I woke them up by singing Happy Birthday to You. Then I got the younger boys […]

Year 15, Day 1

Yesterday was a special occasion: Hubby’s and my 14th wedding anniversary. This fact continues to amaze me…I cannot possibly be old enough to have been married that long. Right?? Okay, maybe I am old enough. But shhhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone. Today, then, is the first day of our 15th year together. I thought I’d take […]

A Much More Successful Day

Well. Today was a complete change from yesterday. Hubby put the boys to bed right after soccer last night, which means they went down right around 7:30. Unbelievably, there were still children asleep after 8:30 this morning. We got up and going, and zipped right through school lickety-split. I sent the older boys out for […]

End of the Second Week of the School Year

And good things to report!  I got an absolutely GIGANTIC reward this morning.  See, last year one of the tricks I tried to make things more palatable was to let the older boys work independently on handwriting, spelling practice, and the phonics workbook.  This allowed The Mercenary (an early riser) to get his work done […]