Can Your Baby Hear You?

It is always a terrifying and upsetting prospect that there may be something wrong with your child and the not having the ability to hear is a big fear for many parents. It is something that many have to face, the fact that their child clearly has some sort of disability that will have an […]

Listen to Your Kids AND Music With Sound Band

Heroes, I was pretty interested when I learned about the Kickstarter campaign for Sound Band. Imagine a headset that allows you to listen to your personal audio AND your kids at the same time! Sound Band will do just that. It doesn’t use speakers. Rather, the earpieces fit over the outer ear and transmit the […]

Guard Your Family’s Hearing Health

Something that we don’t talk about often enough is hearing. For the most part, we’re all much older before hearing loss can affect us, so it’s not something young families may consider. I mean, we all worry about the kids eating right and staying active, and we may even worry about hearing in loud situations […]

Quote of the Day 9-4-08

“Mom has supersonic hearing.” TechnoBoy, explaining to The Mercenary how I heard their conversation from another room. (Editor’s note: YESSSSSSS! I have arrived!) Earnest Parenting: help for supersonic moms. Image courtesy of keela84 via Creative Commons license, some rights reserved.