Sometimes as a Parent, You Lose Control of the Conversation

So yesterday near the end of the day I sank gratefully into my oh-so-amazing couch under a delicious pile of blankets and called the dogs to come snuggle with me. As a side note, I have to tell you: I LOVE this couch. We got it last summer. It’s a 2-piece sectional, and it’s big […]

Bacon is Always a Good Excuse

Scene: The couch…Hubby and I seated and watching television. The phone rings. (I answer) Son: garbled greeting Me: what? Son: Who is this? Me: Who is THIS?? Son: It’s your son. Me: Oh good, because this is your mother. Son: Do you mind if I stay over at a friend’s house for a pasta party? […]

FFYF: Summer Heat Edition

Good Friday, Heroes! Today we are celebrating the wonderfulness of summer warmth. Because it’s not winter. And I get to wear shorts. Although…it is getting kind of hot around here. But that’s okay. 🙂 Today we’re happy to be warm and sunny. Welcome to the June 15, 2012 edition of fun for your friday. Lindsay […]

Tyler Durman’s Birthday Suit Entertains, Touches Your Heart

I was recently sent a copy of Tyler Durman’s new book Birthday Suit. Tyler is a gifted and hilarious author and speaker, and he’s a dad who’s made some choices in life that many have; living with those choices can be difficult. As a young man with OCD, Tyler had some difficulties in life. He […]

FFYF: Not So Dreary February Edition

Good Friday, Heroes! I’m happy to report that there is not much snow on the ground right now, and the big yellow orb in the sky has made occasional appearances this month! For Michigan, that is huge. February has been my most hated month of the year for some time now, and this looks to […]

FFYF: Mild Winter Edition

Hullooooo, Heroes! Today I bring you a bit of fun for your Friday, while we enjoy a relatively mild winter so far. We’ve only had a week or so of cold and snow, yay! That’s definitely worth a smile in my book. I don’t like cold. Welcome to the January 20, 2012 edition of fun […]