Five Reasons Your Child Should Learn a Second Language

Most parents will do anything within their power to help their children grow up happy and successful. In some cases, children don’t always agree with what their parents have in mind for them, and parents should consider the wishes of their children before making plans for them. However, there are several important reasons why you […]

The Mystery of Twin Speech

Everyone loves twins. The concept of twins still fascinates most people; the idea of two human beings born that look alike and have the same DNA. There are common false beliefs that twins share the same finger print or that they can read each other’s mind, but there is an idea that is little more […]

Guest Post: Baby Sign Language and How it Has Worked For Me

Good day, readers! Please welcome Misty Weaver and her guest post about baby sign language. I used a few signs with the boys when they were little and boy was it handy! Baby Signing is an easy and fun way to communicate with your pre-verbal child. A simplified version of American Sign Language (ASL), it […]