FFYF: Stinky Basement Edition

So, our office is in the basement of the house, and we’re blessed to have a bathroom down here as well. Having a bathroom below grade means a special pump and venting system for waste. For some reason, every year about this time the sewage gasses escape up the vent. Guess where that is? You […]

FFYF: The Boy Can Spell Edition

Scene: our house. Adults upstairs, Captain Earthquake in the basement at the computer. Captain Earthquake: Dad??? I need to spell baking soda. Hubby: b-a-k-i-n-g… CE: what? wait!! b….a….what?? H: k… CE: k H: i…. CE: (mutters) where’s i? oh! I!!! H: n CE: n! H: g CE: g! H: space CE: space!! H: s…o… CE: […]

FFYF: What? Nothing Edition

Hubby walked into the basement yesterday, leaned down and whispered in my ear: “Call The Mercenary and when he says ‘yes’, you say ‘nothing’.” I have to admit, Internets, that I found this very confusing.  Was I to say nothing?   Or to say “Nothing”?   Soooooo, I said, “Hey Mercenary.” He said, “What?” I said, “Nothing.” […]

Fun For Your Friday

Sorry I’m a little late getting this one posted, but better late than never! Here’s my giggle for the day. This morning Keely (the puppy) was up at 5:30 with diarrhea, poor baby. And poor TechnoBoy and me, who were the lucky pair cleaning it up. After he’d taken her out, he let her snuggle […]

Fun For Your Friday

Well, I’m a little late but we’re still all about fun to end the week here at Earnest Parenting. I’m happy to inform you that my puppy is a very environmentally conscious individual. Really. She is! Just look for yourself in the photo above. That qualifies as “re-use”, right? Okay, you’re next! Share a joke, […]

Fun For Your Friday

It may be wise to set down all beverages for this one. Wouldn’t want to cause you to choke or do a spit take all over your keyboard. You have been warned. Yesterday morning, a boy woke me up about 6 am saying he’d had a terrible nightmare and had had an accident in his […]