Top 3 Mobile Games of 2013 that can Keep Kids Occupied

We’ve all been there: sitting in the backseat of a car while our parents sit in the front and talk about how much fun we’re going to have at Aunt Mary’s house. While they may be right, this doesn’t stop us from being bored in the back, eventually causing some form of mischief. In fact, […]

Make Learning Fun With

My boys LOVE to play games. They especially love to play games on the computer. That’s what makes a super resource for us. JumpStart has been making educational computer games for…well, for years and years. When the older boys were little, we all enjoyed many of the CD games they produced. I learned about […]

Win a Flip Camera from The Great Piggybank Adventure!

Hello, Heroes! I’m so excited to be able to give away a 4Gb Flip Video camera, courtesy of T Rowe Price and The Great Piggybank Adventure! How amazing is that? I love giveaways. I wrote about The Great Piggybank Adventure here. In addition to the camera, our lucky winner will get 4 copies of the […]

Still Time to Enter the Giveaway
for JumpStart Online

Hey Gang! I think that my post the other day inviting you to join the contest was confusing. This whole ContestBurner system is great but super powerful and I’m still learning my way around it. So! Let’s try again, shall we? I’m giving away a 3 month membership to JumpStart 3D online, an amazing interactive […]

Win a JumpStart Membership!

Remember my review of the JumpStart 3D online game a while back? Well guess what??!? I get to give away a 3-month membership to the site! (Retail value of membership is $23.97 USD) I may have mentioned it already, but it can’t hurt to say again: I LOVE giveaways. Just to review, JumpStart 3D Online […]

Review: JumpStart 3D Online

Are you familiar with JumpStart? The company, a brand owned by Knowledge Adventure, is well-known for their entertaining and interactive learning software. Reader Rabbit was a popular character around here several years ago, and the JumpStart PreSchool game was a big hit. Since the boys got older, the Math Blaster program was pretty handy in […]