How to Create an Organized House to be Envied

A clean, organized home is a fantastic place to live. What’s more is that a home that has that fresh, immaculate atmosphere is undoubtedly noticeable to anyone that walks through the door. Those that struggle with keeping their home tidy and well-organized will almost always respect and envy those that seem to have an effortless […]

8 Name Label Ideas for Kids

Kids love personalized items and belongings, so what better way to let them express themselves than with some awesome name labels for kids? You can help your kids create the labels themselves, or you can order some fun ones online. These ideas are great for back to school, summer camp or simply for the sake […]

Make the Most of Small Spaces in Your Home

Modern houses seem to be getting smaller and smaller these days and, with increasing restrictions on home-buyer finances, we can’t all afford the big house of our dreams straight away. The super cool thing is that even small spaces can be utilized effectively to make your home work better for your family. If you have […] Helps me Label and Organize Life

I’m a person who loves to be organized. It makes me feel…more settled. Clutter stresses me out. That said, I’m also the mother of 4 boys who seem to have very little difficulty living with clutter. Plus, we’re just so darn busy around here, and it’s easy to let stuff pile up. Battling that clutter […]

Make the World Better by Joining the Donate Movement

The Donate Movement is an initiative that helps in two ways. It helps you get your house decluttered, and helps people in your local community with jobs. I had a chance to interview Lorie Marrero, the national spokesperson for Goodwill® and ambassador for the Donate Movement. Lorie is a professional organizer helping people get decluttered […]

No More Frantic Mornings: Tips and Tricks to get Your Day Started Right

We all have those mornings when we are rushing to get our kids to the bus stop, get ourselves to work or our babies to day care.  We make lunches in a hurry, brush hair and tie shoes in a frenzy and yell at our kids to get moving.  When we are short on time, […]