Are We There Yet? Top 5 Child-Friendly Features in Your SUV

Making sure you get a vehicle that has everything you need is easy. Getting a vehicle with everything you want can be a little more difficult. When you have kids, some of the wants start moving toward needs, however, simply to ensure that the kids are entertained and having a good time during your daily […]

Kids on the Go: 5 Ways to Make Traveling with Children Stress-free

Traveling with kids is a whole different experience from traveling with adults. While the sights may be the same, the experience is completely changed. Rather than obsessing about catching every attraction or packing every toy, use these helpful tips for a fun family getaway: Slow Down For jet-setting parents, five cities in two weeks may […]

Fortify Your Relationship: Explore The Outdoors With Your Son

When you reach your 40’s, you may see and realize that there have been dramatic changes between you and your children, especially your sons. A close yet complex father-son relationship is, sometimes, severed when the son is already at his late teens. Some boys need to explore and feed their curiosity and prove themselves as […]

Five Vacation Destinations Both Kids & Adults Will Enjoy

Planning your next family vacation? Looking for a good balance between child-friendly activities and grown-up fun? Here are five amazing destinations that will appeal to both kids and adults. There’s something for everyone here. 1.Washington, DC You can’t go wrong with so many free museums, monuments, and landmarks, all within walking distance of downtown. Kids […]

Safe Travels: Six Things You Can Do To Keep Your Family Safe On The Road

Family vacations are often a much-anticipated trip that creates lasting memories, especially during the many hours spent on the road. However, road trips come with a certain degree of risk. These tips can help anyone keep their family safe on the road, whether they are traveling far or going to the store: Emergency Kit Essential […]

6 Ideas to Make Travelling Easier for Expectant Mothers

Being an expectant mom during the holidays can be exhilarating. However, the mayhem of seasonal preparations can be exhausting and challenging. If you must also travel during this time, you might find the physical demands of being pregnant overwhelming. Upon doctor’s approval, be sure to create a travel plan that promotes comfort and is responsive […]