Monday Giveaway Linky: Big Progress Edition

Happy Sunday evening, Heroes! At least, it’s Sunday evening when I’m writing this. Only about an hour left in the day. I’m rather pleased with myself tonight. I am just about finished with the second humongous job that has been hanging over my head for waaaaaaaay too long. I got the finances straightened around and […]

Sometimes, Life Can Be a Whirlwind

(Deep breath.) So yea. Wow. Life has been more than a little hectic as of late. But it’s good. Just crazy. I’m the co-director of our local Vacation Bible School (9 churches get together…it’s HUGE!), and I have to have all my tasks done in the next 36 hours, because then I’m off on an […]

FFYF: The Thrill of Accomplishment Edition

It’s Friday again, Heroes! Time for some fun, or at least a smile. I’m smiling today because I have been cleaning like crazy this week. The dust was so thick that my allergies were giving me a terrible time, so me and the vacuum have been spending lots of quality time working. There’s plenty more […]

FFYF: Weekend Break Edition

Hullloooooo, Friends! I’m heading off to do some sewing this weekend; one of my favorite activities. Just think: hour upon glorious hour in front of my sewing machine! The heart sings in anticipation. So…how about you? Anything fun planned for this weekend? Share with the group! How about you play along on Fun For Your […]

Banner Day: Boys Finish Phonics Lessons

I’m thrilled to announce that Captain Earthquake and The Manager finished their entire phonics book last week. We were using The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading, which is wonderful and well-done. But it has 231 lessons. 231. We worked on that book for a year and a half. By the time we finished up […]

The Schedule That Seems to be Working

I’m writing this at 4:30 in the afternoon, with school just finished about ten minutes ago. The morning went beautifully. We all got up around 8, had some playtime and ate breakfast and started school a bit after 9. The younger boys were done by ten, and the older ones and I spent an hour […]