How to Childproof Your Home

How to Childproof Your Home The little one is coming and your first task, besides showering it with love, is to keep it safe and sound. At first, your home might just be the safest place you can think of. And it probably is, if you are a grown up. However, think twice and look […]

Leaving Your Kids In Charge For The First Time: 5 Tips For A Smooth Experience

The idea of allowing your children to stay home alone can cause you to be anxiety ridden, but there are considerations to make and suggestions to take to make the experience smooth for everyone involved. As you make your decision, remember that 12 is the rule of thumb age when most adults feel safe leaving […]

Are We There Yet? Top 5 Child-Friendly Features in Your SUV

Making sure you get a vehicle that has everything you need is easy. Getting a vehicle with everything you want can be a little more difficult. When you have kids, some of the wants start moving toward needs, however, simply to ensure that the kids are entertained and having a good time during your daily […]

Kids on the Go: 5 Ways to Make Traveling with Children Stress-free

Traveling with kids is a whole different experience from traveling with adults. While the sights may be the same, the experience is completely changed. Rather than obsessing about catching every attraction or packing every toy, use these helpful tips for a fun family getaway: Slow Down For jet-setting parents, five cities in two weeks may […]

In Case of Emergency – 5 Things that Every Parent Should Know How to Do

If you’re a parent, your child having a medical emergency is probably one of your worst fears. You hope that no permanent damage will be done, but if you are a parent, you need to expect emergencies. Even if your kids aren’t adventurous daredevils, accidents happen and there is bound to be blood, choking, or […]

Spring Cleaning Should Include Your Car

We try very hard here to publish articles that are relevant to parenting and/or parents. At first, spring cleaning your car may not seem like a qualifying topic, however the spring cleaning we’re focusing on today has to do with safety. Yes, we’re talking about headlights, people. I think I’ve told the story before: on […]