5 Things to Consider when Decorating a Nursery for Twins

So, you are expecting not just one bundle of joy, but two…congratulations! It’s always an exciting time to be expecting a child, and now it’s double the excitement, right? And the anticipation is coupled with a little anxiety when it comes to preparing for two. One of the most exciting things to prepare is the […]

The Mystery of Twin Speech

Everyone loves twins. The concept of twins still fascinates most people; the idea of two human beings born that look alike and have the same DNA. There are common false beliefs that twins share the same finger print or that they can read each other’s mind, but there is an idea that is little more […]

Making Sure Twins Are Individuals May Mean Leaving One Out

When the older (and then younger) boys were born, we did not give them rhyming names, and I rarely dressed them alike. If someone gave me duplicate outfits we usually used them on different days. It was a lot about letting them be individuals and so on. As soon as they showed any interest in […]

Do Your Kids Share Bedrooms?

Right now, each set of boys shares a bedroom. This is rather an efficient arrangement, as we live in a 3-bedroom home. We have room to expand though, and could possibly add 2 more bedrooms in the next year or so. I want one room for visiting family. I could then…. The rest of the […]

Hive Minds and Other Business

My weekly post at GNMParents (now ForeverParenting) is about how the boys tend to think alike. And act alike. And do the same things over and over again. Sometimes it’s funny, other time’s it’s frustrating. There are already some great comments on the post; I’ve been humbled by one and there are two other suggestions […]

3 Things I’ve Noticed About Twins

I haven’t written much about the realities of being a mother of twins.  Perhaps because so many others have already had much to say on the subject.  If you’re the parent of multiples, people tend to say very similar things when they find out.  Many are annoyed by this; I really don’t mind it nor […]