Halloween Safety: See and Be Seen

Well Heroes, Halloween is just a week away. Are your kids ready with costumes and safety practices? One of the things we do every year is check the boys’ candy before allowing them to have it. As it turns out, many experts agree evidence on tainted Halloween candy is lacking and should not be the […]

How Do You Dress Your Kids for Halloween?

One problem I have had with Halloween over the years is of a geographical nature. How do you dress a child for Halloween when you live in the southern part of the United States? Every year it is a challenge as to whether you dress them in winter Halloween costumes or summer costumes. If you […]

Enter Hub Network’s 1st Annual Halloween Bash Costume Competition to Win $25,000

Howdy, Heroes. I have been learning about The Hub Network, a newer cable channel that focuses on family entertainment. I will admit, I wasn’t much aware of this channel. I’m impressed with the fact that they’re focusing on family. Seems like most cable networks are all about being edgy. That’s a big turnoff around here. […]

Children’s Group Activities: The Halloween Drawing Game

The Halloween Drawing Game allows your guests and your kids to have fun and show off their artistic and reading skills. This activity works much like the classic game Pictionary, and is a great activity for family time near Halloween. Each participant gets a chance to draw. The Halloween Drawing Game is appealing to some […]

Great DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Please welcome Carol with some suggestions for low-stress Halloween costumes. Thanks, Carol! Halloween is a fun and exciting time for children; a night when they get to play pretend as spooky ghosts and ghouls and run around the neighborhood shouting “Trick or treat!” in order to collect as many sugary delights as their buckets will […]