Build a Better Student: Keep Your Kids In Class Day

Once upon a time, somebody dreamed up the idea of taking kids out of school so they could go to their parent’s office and play with the hole-punch all day. It was applauded and hailed as a revolutionary idea that would help students understand and appreciate the grind of everyday office life. Meanwhile, teachers across […]

Plan Ahead to Get More Time in Parenting

(Editor’s note: Please welcome Shelley’s very sage advice for those of us who need more time. Thanks, Shelley!) Planning Ahead Creates More Time – No Magic Needed Have you ever wished there were more hours in the day to get things done? Would it make any difference or would you still be wanting more? See, […]

I Feel Like Alice’s Rabbit

Holy cow, Internets. Life is spinning by so fast! When we finished the last school year I remember feeling like I was finishing a marathon, and if we could just make it to June things would relax and then I could get a few things done around here. HA. Soooo, now it’s September and we’re […]