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This is my weekly post on compliments at Forever Parenting. Have a great day everyone!

I’ve been working on improving my relationship with the boys, especially the older ones. February is a difficult month with the cloudy cold days…just blah in general. It’s easy for us to get on each others’ nerves and that’s a very bad thing. Everything I say and do sticks in their little hearts and minds. I’ve been trying to do at least two of these things with each boy every day, and it’s really heartwarming to see them brighten in response to my efforts.

Stop what you’re doing to watch her latest trick.
Listen when he wants to tell you a story.
Notice how much effort she put into her latest art creation.
Tell him you enjoy spending time together.
Invite her to join you in an activity.
Brag about him to someone else-when he can hear you.
Display her picture proudly at the office.
I know I promised 7, but two really big ones are on my mind today. I’m calling them the bonus items, and in my opinion they’re really the most important.

Bonus #1: Say “I love you”.

Bonus #2: Ask his or her opinion about something.

So what about you? What are some really neat things you’ve done to compliment your child? Share with the group! We’d love to get more great ideas.