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Because Hubby has a good job we’ve always considered ourselves extremely blessed. Our bills are paid, there’s food on the table and we live in a nice house. We have warm clean clothes and we even have a few bucks left over at the end of the day to buy treats.

One of the things Hubby and I worry about is the sense of entitlement that children have nowadays. Our boys are very good and sweet, but they’re just as susceptible to the “gimme’s” as any other child. How do we combat that? I’ve tried showing them pictures online of malnourished children before, but they pointed to the distended bellies and said, “Those kids are fat, not skinny.” It just didn’t connect well.

Tonight I was reading Twitter and came across a link from @mike_wesley. It’s a video about “food, hunger, and taste” that will knock your socks off. Have a tissue handy!

We had the boys watch it and I think they finally got a small glimpse of what we’ve been wanting them to understand for some time. They asked some very good questions and seemed to genuinely understand that hunger is real.

I’m very pleased to have been able to show it to them and start laying the foundation for some understanding (and hopefully future compassionate action) in their hearts.

What do you think?

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