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Did you ever get a personalized book as a kid? I remember seeing one when I was young and thinking it was so amazing that you could have your name printed right in the book. At the time, the regular text would show up in one font and the child’s name was awkwardly inserted in a different font and size.

Technology. It’s amazing, in’nt it?

You may recall I reviewed a book personalization site earlier this year. Sadly they went out of business, but I was interested enough in the concept to consider trying it myself on the side. Then, Gillian from Little Heroes contacted me, and that all changed. Little Heroes is a company that makes-you guessed it-personalized storybooks. The difference is, they take it to a whole new level of wonderful.

You can order your book in hardcover, softcover, or e-book format. And the personalization level is amazing! Choose your character’s hairstyle, hair color, skin tone, eye color, and gender. Here’s a sample from their site:

There are currently 5 titles available on the site and each story gently teaches a lesson with your child as the hero. LittleHeroes.com offered me a free e-book, and since the younger boys are celebrating a birthday this week, they choose The Birthday Blob. I was a little unsure of the e-book format but it came out beautifully and the boys can open it up on the computer and read through at their pleasure.

Gillian at Little Heroes sent me a sample copy of The Homerun Cookie. While it won’t be personalized to your child, it’s still a fantastic story that would be a great addition to any child’s library.

If you’d like to win the book, leave a comment below before midnight Eastern Time on Tuesday November 17, 2009. I’ll draw a name using random.org and contact the winner on Wednesday.

Also! Little Heroes has kindly offered a coupon for 10% off final purchase price to anyone, good until December 31, 2009. When you order your book, use the code EAR1209 for your discount. If you’re ordering as a Christmas gift, Gillian tells me that you need to order by December 14 to get your book in time. Earlier ordering is of course better. If you’re ordering after that time, gift certificates can be a fantastic option. See the site for details.

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