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Hello, friends! Due to a truly spectacular computer crash (new laptop has now decided that the version of Windows it came with is invalid) I do not have access to my email from the last 2 days. Not to worry, the problem is being worked on as I type and I hope to be up and running again soon. I’ve booted the boys off of the desktop computer and am typing as fast as I can before they finish their chores and come back.

Lord willing, the whole situation will be repaired and under control today. Or….we may need to return the silly thing and I’ll be out of a machine for a while. Either way, there are backups available and I’ll be doing my best to communicate with everyone. If you emailed and don’t get a response by tomorrow or Friday, write again. I’ll get access to my email another way.

In the meantime, while I’m waiting for virus scans to run and programs to cooperate, I’m going to drag the boys out to the garage and attempt to disassemble the lawn mower. Because why would it be any fun to only have one machine down around here?

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