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After spending several days at their grandparents the boys came home and unpacked their clothes, then we got to work on our regular tasks. I was surprised to get a late night phone call from my mother-in-law because that’s unusual. Hubby took the call and then asked one of the boys where his clothes were. Next he asked the boy if a strange pair of jeans had been discovered in the suitcase. The boy shook his head.

A search ensued, and after a while Hubby located a pair of jeans in the boys’ room. He brought them to me (still talking to his mom) laughing and pointed at the waistband. An uninflated balloon had been tied through 3 belt loops, presumably to make a better fit.

It turns out, the pants belonged to Grandma! She had handed them to him to wear to a church function without realizing that they were hers. He dutifully put them on and when they didn’t fit he did what it took to make everything work. Ingenious child!

We asked him why he hadn’t noticed the problem and he said he knew, but he thought they were his brother’s jeans and Grandma told him to wear them so he did.

He endured the teasing very well, but I did promise to keep his identity a secret.

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