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Kurt Bjorklund is the author of the book “Prayers for Today: A Yearlong Journey of Contemplative Prayer”. This book contains prayers and meditations along with Bible verses, all aimed at helping the heart grow closer to God.

Bjorklund, a Christian pastor, writes in the introduction that he was as a young man very drawn to prayer. At the same time, he was often disappointed at how distant God seemed, saying “over the years, my prayers became more a vague ‘should’ than a pathway to the heart of God.” He also explains that the tradition of his early faith “emphasized extemporaneous prayer and viewed the classic practice of liturgy and written prayers with suspicion.” A friend suggested he work through a book of prayers and he found himself growing closer to God as a result.

“Prayers for Today” is a collection of 260 days of prayer, organized along several themes: thanksgiving, confession, affirmation, petition, renewal, and more. Each day has several prayers, verses, or meditations aligned with its theme. Use of the book 5 days a week will keep you busy for an entire year. The author suggests that if a particular day is difficult to pray, perhaps you should park on that one for a while and allow your heart time to pray with conviction. Move through the book at whatever pace and in whatever order suits you best.

I have to say, I LOVE this book. We all go through periods in life where it’s dryer than others. This book is ideal for helping me focus on God and on communicating with Him in a more organized and meaningful fashion. As it happens, I’m feeling the need for more structure in my life, so the arrival of this prayer guide couldn’t be more perfectly timed.

How about you? Would you enjoy a copy of “Prayers for Today”? Well sure you would! I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to do a giveaway. I love giveaways!

We’re using the RaffleCopter system again, and I think I’m getting better at this. To enter, leave a comment on this post telling what your favorite book of the Bible is. If you can’t decide, just list a book. Anything from Genesis to Revelation…whatever you want to choose. Then, click on the Rafflecopter widget to input your name and email and click that you’ve left the comment.

Additional entries may be earned in the widget by liking this post on Facebook, following me on Twitter, and so on. Winner will be chosen by random drawing after the giveaway ends at 12:01 am on November 28, 2011.

Good luck!

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