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The big news story locally this past weekend was that of a 2 year old girl who disappeared along with her father. After the Amber Alert went out, the father and his car were found, but not the little girl. He’s in custody, she’s not. Family is on the news begging for clues and help. It’s an awful situation all around.

According to the I CARE Foundation, as many as 100,000 American children can be internationally kidnapped and taken abroad in the next ten years. That’s a scary big number. Many of those children will be taken by a parent who is estranged from an American spouse.

The I CARE Foundation’s primary mission is to conduct research in the area of child abduction, publish their findings, and use those findings to educate people about this issue. In addition, they plan to pursue new child abduction prevention laws.

If you’re qualified to help in this effort, please contact I CARE for more information.