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(Editor’s note: please welcome our friends from Trip and Travel Blog, with some suggestions a family might enjoy on a trip to New England. Thanks, guys!)

New York does not disappoint even at first glance: dizzying skyscrapers, yellow cabs, limos, shops and local ethnic hip hop. We decided to take a vacation there with the family and we did not regret it and we will not forget to write a travel blog about New York. Our first day went like this: Morning Mass and afternoon at the park. The park was Central Park and in the church everyone was very elegant. Central Park was holding a concert, but unfortunately that day it was Simon and Garfunkel. The thing that struck me most was the kindness of Americans, if they saw us confused in the subway they’d stop and offer help.

As for the food, the restaurants were quite expensive, however, and fast food there are the great kingdom of “junk food”. Watch out for breakfast, as it might cost more than lunch. New Yorkers are big for breakfast. As for shopping New York is definitely the global capital for purchases. Exciting was the vision of Ground Zero and a worthwhile experience was the ascension of the Empire State Building with a view of skyscrapers lit up all over Manhattan. In China Town we felt as if we had left the United States, where you can still do good business in shops with affordable products and good food in family-friendly Asian restaurants.

Obviously the city’s museums are a must in particular the Metropolitan Museum that Americans define the most important in the world. The MOMA and the Museum Gugghenheim was the ones we visited. In the evening the premises to be preferred are in Greenwich Village, attended by students and employees of the City. The means of transport that we used most is the bus that is slower than the subway (“train” for Americans), but it allowed us to see the city while moving around.

The best way to visit New England is to rent a car. They have an automatic transmission and are easy to drive. The green landscapes and elegant city in New England are something completely different than what you can see in New York. On the way to Boston, New Haven, is located the Yale University, which is worth making a detour for in order to visit the university town. Boston, the capital of this area is quiet and more European than the rest.

Here you can visit the universities of Harvard, MIT and, following a red line on the ground, the most important historical monuments, excursions, and boat rides, departing from the port city allows you to see the whales. Boston is a city that pays particular attention to food and we were able to adapt. We spent a while in the square next to the harbor, enjoying a few good shows and fun international street artists performing. Among other places we visited was the wild Cape Cod, Newport, for years home of the America’s Cup.

In Bellevue Avenue, there are incredible villas built in various styles: neo-classical, Scottish manor, ranch etc. The only one missing is the minimalist style. Martha’s Vineyard is a beautiful island, very green, with beaches, dunes and villages built by whaling captains. On site you can rent a bike and follow the various routes proposed.
In conclusion this is a journey which we highly recommend and if you decide to do so, enjoy it.

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