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I was contacted last month by the good people at Kitchen Table Bakers, and they suggested I taste test their All-Natural Gourmet Cheese crisps.

So I did.

And Oh. My. Goodness. I love these things! The cheese crisp is like a cracker, but made entirely of cheese. It’s high in protein, but low in calories and carbs. 3 crisps were a mere 80 calories. Each crisp is round and approximately 2.5 inches in diameter.

The flavor these babies pack is amazing. If you’re like me, and you LOVE strong flavor, you’ll definitely love this snack. I used it as an appetite curb; I’m extremely unhappy with my weight right now. When I was in the mood for something to nibble on, the cheese crisps were absolutely perfect. I could eat one and have a low-calorie beverage and be completely satisfied. I’m a big snacker, so these crisps couldn’t have fit better in my life.

To be honest, they’re not kid-approved in my house, because I didn’t share.

Well. I did have Hubby try one of the garlic ones. We’d just eaten something sweet, and the garlic was way too strong. So he did not approve. However, I tried a garlic crisp again later and liked it much better. I just don’t recommend eating a chocolate first.

I tried the garlic parmesan crisps and the basil pesto parmesan crisps. I definitely prefer the basil pesto, but either one is most welcome in my kitchen.

I’d be happy to show you a picture of them, but I ate them all up! I have to buy more. They’re available in many grocery stores nationwide, including Whole Foods and Fresh Market. For those of us who live in towns without these stores, you can also buy them at Kitchen Table Bakers online. I’ll be doing that. At $17.97 for 3 boxes, they can seem a little pricy. Each box has roughly 18 crisps in it though, and given that I usually only ate one at a snack, it worked out to be mighty reasonable.

Let me know if you like them, won’t you??

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FTC Disclosure: Kitchen Table Bakers sent me two free boxes of crisps and I ate them all up. Because yum. I adore.