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About the guest author: Briana Kelly has over 5 years experience writing content in the area of child development. She regularly writes on behalf of Giraffe Preschools that are based in Dublin, Ireland.

Many life-long readers start the habit at a very young age. Exposing your children to a variety of interesting subjects through books is a good way to help your children explore different ideas and concepts.Readingis not only a great way to spend time, but it also helps children advance their own education. It’s easy to encourage your children to read more.

Read with Your Children
Many people have fond memories of bedtime reading with their parents. This fun tradition should start early, even before your children have a solid understanding of language. When your children grow older, encourage them to read to you. This is a great way to give feedback and help them develop their reading skills. Bedtime stories also provide a good opportunity to discuss the books your children are reading.

Library Trips
Helping your child get a library card is a great to encourage your children to read more. This simple piece of plastic gives your children the key to a brand new world. Take them to the library every week to borrow new books. Let them browse the shelves on their own. Your library may host some special reading events, so consult the library’s calendar often.

Develop Interests
You can increase your children’s desire to read by encouraging their interest in a variety of topics. Many children want to read about the subjects they enjoy. If you increase their exposure to new ideas and hobbies, they will likely want to read about these things. Taking your child on a tour of a dairy farm may inspire him to read a book about cows. Connecting real life events and interests to books is a great way to encourage reading.

Participate in Reading Programs
Many schools and libraries have reading programs to encourage children to read. These programs often offer rewards to children who accomplish certain reading-related tasks. Involve your child in these programs if she seems interested. You can also create your own reading program at home. Don’t make your child feel that they must read if they don’t want to, however. The goal of a reading program is to help make reading a regular daily habit, not to punish children who don’t read.

Reading Room
Prepare a special place to keep your child’s books. Make this area a noise-free zone to encourage a quiet atmosphere for reading. Keep the shelves well-stocked with a variety of books covering multiple subjects. You don’t need to break the bank buying a collection of brand new books. Thrift stores, garage sales and used book sales at the library are great sources to economically build your collection. Cycle books in and out to keep the titles fresh and new.

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