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Welcome to the November 30, 2012 edition of parenting link roundup. Suzanne Cullen presents Au Pair » 5 Creative Ways to Give Money as a Gift posted at aupair, saying, “What do you get for the kid who has everything? Money! While kids do love to receive money in a card, sometimes you just wish there was a more interesting and fun way to give it. Here are a few ways to give money that will be interactive and entertaining for kids and adults alike.”

Shelby Martin presents 6 Things Live-In Nannies Should Respect posted at GoNannies.com Blog, saying, “When it comes to living in a family’s private home, the boundaries of the employer and nanny relationship can be tricky to define”

 Kaitlyn Johnson presents 30 of the Best Blogs for New Moms posted at Newborn Care, saying, “Becoming a mom for the first time is one of the most exciting experiences you’ll ever have. It can also be one of the most confusing, especially if you have no family or friends with parenting experience nearby.”

Lisa Williams presents 5 Fun Foods to Pack for Kids Lunches posted at Become A Nanny, saying, “Coming up with something new and different to put in your kids’ lunches day after day is sometimes hard. If your kids are picky eaters it’s especially difficult to get them to try new things.”

Daniel Long presents 10 Tips for Setting Up a Nanny Share | Hire a Nanny posted at hireananny.com, saying, “Establishing a nanny share relationship can allow two families who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to afford private childcare to split the costs of her salary and the requisite employment taxes in order to provide their children with in-home care.”

Jennifer Saksa presents The Sound of Learning: Using WavePad in the Classroom posted at NCH Software Blog.

anna.deguzman@nerdwallet.com presents Family Finance: An Interview with Professor Nemzoff posted at NerdWallet, saying, “Professor Nemzoff discusses the importance of teaching children financial fitness at an early age.”

Jim Wilson presents How to Decorate a Pumpkin without Carving | Babysitters posted at Babysitters, saying, “Toothy grins and spooky expressions on pumpkins are the hallmark of Halloween, however, if you have small children you may not want to pull out the carving knives and sharp objects to decorate your pumpkins just yet. To save small fingers from any nicks or cuts, but still take advantage of pumpkin decorating, try some of these ideas that will allow you to create stunning or creepy pumpkins without using a knife.”

Kevin Giffin presents How to Prepare for International Travel with Kids posted at Summer Nanny, saying, “Whether you’re traveling for pleasure or for personal reasons, making the decision to visit another country with your children in tow is not one that should be taken lightly. Bureaucratic measures, long flights, and traversing the complex world of a foreign culture can be stressful for parents that aren’t properly prepared. However, taking the right preparatory measures well in advance can ensure that the trip goes smoothly and is an enjoyable, memorable experience for the entire family.”

Denise Thompson presents How to Tell if a Teenager is Mature Enough to Babysit posted at Find A Babysitter, saying, “Babysitting is a time-honored tradition among teenagers looking for a way to earn some extra money while selecting their own schedules, rather than being forced to adhere to one made each week by a manager.”

Olivia Lewis presents 10 Things to Keep in Mind When Teaching Your Kids about Stranger Danger posted at Nanny News Network, saying, “The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Crime Information Center estimates that roughly 2,000 children are reported missing every day. Luckily, the vast majority of missing children are found and their cases are resolved…………”

Michelle Brown presents 10 iPhone Apps That Make Organizing Photos Easier posted at Nanny, saying, “The built-in camera on your iPhone is powerful enough to replace a small handheld digital camera, granting you the ability to take high-quality snapshots at a moment’s notice”

Brittany Harris presents The Things Kids Say About Gifts posted at NannyPro.com, saying, “It’s no secret that gift-giving holidays and birthdays are big events on the kid calendar.”

Kaylee Adams presents How Parents Can Write an Effective Online Profile posted at Find A Nanny, saying, “Online nanny job sites are a popular way for parents to find a nanny. With hundreds or even thousands of caregivers available in a city, it’s essential to write a profile that attracts the potential candidates that best match your family’s needs”

Laura Anderson presents Pop Quiz: How do you get a toddler to have a tantrum free day? | eNannySource posted at eNannySource, saying, “You’re in the grocery store when your toddler has a spontaneous temper tantrum over something that seems relatively minor.”

Sonny Giffin presents How to Spot a Nanny Scam posted at Nanny Websites, saying, “More and more nannies are turning to online recruiting sites and classified ad websites like Craigslist for job leads, rather than going through the traditional nanny placement agencies. While this approach can often prove fruitful for hopeful nannies and their employers, the number of fraudulent postings and outright scams has also grown exponentially.”

MITCHELL MORRIS presents Helping Your Child Choose a Musical Instrument posted at Full Time Nanny, saying, “Musical instruction can help your child master more than just how to play an instrument over the course of their education”

Arianna Lee presents The Things Kids Say About Stepparents posted at Part Time Nanny, saying, “The Stepfamily Association of America estimates that one-third of Americans are part of a blended family that includes a stepparent, stepchild or stepsibling.”

Brittany Martin presents 10 Red Flags Nannies Should Watch For During a Nanny Employer Interview posted at Nanny Interview Questions, saying, “There are a lot of things to consider when deciding if a potential nanny position is the right job for you or not, so before you accept a post there are several things you want to evaluate. Here are 10 things that may say the job you’re interviewing for just isn’t a good fit.”

Sharon Moore presents Should You Let Your Nanny Bring Her Child To Work With Her? posted at Nanny Jobs, saying, “Many nannies who are also moms look for families that will allow them to bring their own child to work with them. This is a valuable benefit to the nanny and, under the right circumstances, can also be a benefit to the employer. Here are the things you should think about when deciding if this situation is right for your family.”

Dan Robinson presents Is a Nanny or an Au Pair the Right Choice for Your Family? posted at Aupair Jobs, saying, “There are two types of in-home childcare that families can choose from as they search for the right provider to watch over their children: nanny care and au pair care. Although the two are similar to each other, there are also some significant differences between them that set them apart.”

Maryanne Williams presents How to Choose a Family to Share a Nanny With posted at Share a Nanny, saying, “A nanny share can be a great childcare choice for families who can’t afford a nanny on their own if you’re able to find the right family to share with. But what should you look for in a family? Here are some questions to guide you through the process of choosing the right family to begin a nanny share with.”

Tim Hall presents 30 Blogs With Great Family Vacation Planning Tips posted at Summer Nanny Jobs, saying, “In 2009 NPR reported that people who take vacations and engage in leisure activities reported more life satisfaction, had lower levels of stress hormones, and tended to struggle with their weight less than those who rarely or never planned miniature escapes.”

Channy kay presents The life of a modern parent: The 12A maze…. posted at The life of a modern parent, saying, “An article about the baffling 12A rating!”

Ely North presents My child has behavior problems. Any discipline techniques for bad kids? posted at Wayward Advice, saying, “Some unusual discipline methods to get your kids under control.”

Kevin Thompson presents 5 Fun Ways to Teach Kids about Thanksgiving posted at Nanny Needed, saying, “The first Thanksgiving as we know it was celebrated in 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. It was a celebration that was born from the pilgrims desire to give prayers of thanksgiving to God for giving them a good harvest.”

Jocelyn Scott presents 10 Things Great Nannies Have in Common posted at Nanny Background Check, saying, “Although every nanny is different, there are certain traits that all great nannies share. These things are what enable them to be successful with their charges and loved by both kids and parents alike.”

Jeff Moore presents 10 Questions Parents Should Always Ask a New Babysitter posted at Babysitting Jobs, saying, “Whether you’re hiring a Friday night babysitter or one with a more regular schedule, there are certain questions you should ask during an interview with any potential babysitter.”

Diego Brown presents How to Hire a Nanny without Using an Agency posted at National Nannies, saying, “While nanny agencies are a popular way of securing private, in-home childcare, there are parents who would prefer to find a nanny on their own, without the services of such placement agencies. Fortunately for those families, there are a wide variety of ways to find a nanny without the assistance of an agency.”

Zhu presents Trolls, Hot-Button Issues and—Gasp!—Boobs | Correr Es Mi Destino posted at Correr Es Mi Destino, saying, “believe it or not, pregnancy-related top­ics aren’t troll-free. I mean, you’d think women and their part­ners would go through these nine months with a flower in the gun bar­rel and a huge (if emo­tional) smile on their lips. You’d think they would all mar­vel at the fact a new human being is in the mak­ing. You’d think all parents-to-be would share a strong bond and the “all for one, one for all” motto. Yeah, right, fat chance. I was raised by ide­al­is­tic hip­pie parents—I know, it shows.”

Lena Ameri presents How Your Reaction Can be Your Most Valuable Parenting Tool posted at Liveit! Magazine, saying, “Written by a behavior therapist, how your reaction can be your greatest parenting tool by preventing problems from occurring, stopping problems before they escalate, and teaching your child life-long skills.”

Joe Taylor presents Ways That Children Challenge a Nanny’s Authority posted at Live Out Nanny, saying, “In successful nanny care situations, the nanny has full authority over the child while the child is in the nanny’s care.”

Michael presents Insuring a New (Teen) Driver posted at FinancialRamblings.com, saying, “Our oldest just turned 15, which means he’s now eligible for a learner’s permit and… Yikes! Not too far from getting his driver’s license.”

Denesha presents Adventures In Mommyhood… posted at Mommy Ambition, saying, “Ambitious mom, wife, christian, teacher…. trying to do it all!!”

J.Rae presents Make Your Own Jellied Cranberry Sauce in a Can! posted at Little Mom on the Prairie.

Anna presents Why I Don’t Want Daycare for My Son* | Little Duckies posted at Little Duckies, saying, “why not daycare?”

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