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Helloooooo, Heroes! Welcome to the March 2013 Parenting Link Roundup. This month’s themes are Baby or Toddler. Enjoy!

This Woman Writes by Carolyn Henderson presents Bathtime at the O.K. Corral | This Woman Writes posted at This Woman Writes, saying, “Yes, there are differences between parenting and grandparenting, but bath time stays pretty much the same.”

Kaitlyn Johnson presents 10 Baby Products that Can Cause Injuries Because of Misuse posted at Newborn Care, saying, “Keep your eyes peeled to ensure your little one avoids any unnecessary injuries or accidents that stem from improper use of his belongings.”

MITCHELL MORRIS presents 9 Gross Things Parents Do But Don’t Always Know It posted at Full Time Nanny, saying, “Whether you do all of these things or just a few, there’s hope. With a few minor changes you can transform your parenting style from gross to glam overnight.”

Alaina Morgan presents How to Prevent Accidental Poisoning At Home posted at Nanny Babysitter, saying, “Learning to reduce the likelihood of a poisoning incident in your home is an essential part of safe parenting and childcare provision, simply because even the most closely-watched children can find a way to get into dangerous things during the split second an adult’s back is turned.”

Kaylee Adams presents 15 High Risk Foods to Avoid Feeding Young Kids posted at Find A Nanny, saying, “The World Health Organization recommends that babies be exclusively breastfed for the first year of life, which means that they shouldn’t eat or drink anything except breast milk for a full year.”

Mr.CBB presents Daycare-You Are The Voice For Your Children posted at Canadian Budget Binder, saying, “Licensed daycare facilities in Canada are certainly lacking which leads to the question- Should all daycares become standardized with rules and requirements? We are the voice for our children, let it be heard.”

Olivia Lewiss presents Parenting an Inquisitive Child posted at Hire a Nanny, saying, “A high level of inquisitiveness is one of the more common signs that your child is gifted, which is a blessing for most parents.”

Brittany Harris presents How to Survive a Church Service with Kids posted at NannyPro.com, saying, “As your baby gets older, he will become more alert, which is when things start getting a little trickier. If your church has a family room, by all means take advantage of its use.”

Shelby Martin presents New Mom’s Guide to Childproofing Your Baby’s Bedroom posted at GoNannies.com Blog, saying, “Bringing a new baby home for the first time is an exciting moment in any woman’s life. In the weeks leading up to the grand arrival, however, the sheer volume of baby-preparation items on your to-do list can be staggering.”

Ashley Brown presents Keeping Up with Change as a Caregiver posted at Morningside Nannies, saying, “When you’re caring for children it is important to keep current with best practices in the field of early childhood care.The first is how we put babies to sleep.When a baby is on her tummy those involuntary reflexes that can keep her awake are naturally minimized due to her position, and the result seemed to be fast and solid sleep.”

Ahmad Fauzi presents sand play setting and benefit for children posted at Muba Student Corner, saying, “There is much benefit of playing sand for children. Toddlers enjoy and get some experience with the sand texture. They also socialize with others.”

Andrew Montgomery presents 6 secrets to avoiding toddler sleep problems posted at Make Like A Penguin

Jim Wilson presents 5 Strategies for Potty Training Stubborn Toddlers posted at Babysitters, saying, “Tackling the major developmental milestone that is potty training requires plenty of patience and understanding, even under the best of circumstances.”

Denise Thompson presents How to Keep Your Child From Getting Sick at Daycare posted at Find A Babysitter, saying, “Sending your child to daycare comes with the benefits of early socialization,but socializing can also mean the increased likelihood of common childhood illnesses. While there’s little you can do to reduce your child’s contact with sick playmates, there are some measures you can take .”

Alaina Moore presents 25 Blogs with Ideas to Help You Throw the Perfect Rainbow Party for Your Toddler posted at aupair.org, saying, “Prep some rainbow activities for the kids to enjoy at the party. Finish up by pulling together the best favor bag.”

Molly Skyar presents Helping an Older Child Adjust to a New Baby posted at Conversations With My Mother, saying, “My biggest fear was having my older child resent the new baby when I brought him home. Here’s how to avoid that:”

David Thompsonn presents How to Stop Your Kid from Climbing in Your Bed Every Night posted at Backup Care, saying, “Teaching your child to self-soothe and to stay in his own bed can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare.”

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